I love F3TCH for many reasons, the niche it addresses, how elegant the solution is and how much better it will make hotel/ guest engagement.  We have invested tremendous resources- patents are definitely not cheap and neither are trademarks or development. It’s a little embarrassing to say how much, but its a decent amount. Perhaps most important to me is that F3TCH will always be the last project I worked with my little family before our eldest son, Alex, aka Sasha, took his life just shy of graduating from the United States Air Force Academy (unbelievably great son) and Ksenia, my wife, subsequently and tragically took her life two weeks later.  Peter helps as much as he can and if you ever hear the demo you’ll hear his voice on some of the recordings.   So F3TCH is our shared legacy and perhaps it will do nothing, but I had to try.  Every day I work on this, they are with me. I also have the privilege to work with unbelievable people.  Ok work may be a strong word, we do work, but we have yet to collect a paycheck.  Repeat after me- “labor of love”.  If you’re an entrepreneur, you know what I mean.

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