We began our blog a few weeks ago and have been working on the product, sales, etc. and there are days where cool stuff happens. One of the regular pleasant happenings is to catch up with previous business acquaintances. We have had the good fortune to do this with a lot of people from previous lives including a few of my favorites including DE & DL from the UK and JD from Dubai. Great guys, really smart, and always positive. People like this are hard to know and we are fortunate to know quite a few.

We also had unexpected positive surprises. We have some unexpected help from people we have worked in the past including TL, good person and perhaps one of the most successful guest room telephone sales professionals, like EVER. Really. We are also getting some help from a young graphic designer/marketing guru named Taylor Ahearns, who is really talented (will throw a link to his web page in our next post). These folks just like the APP and want to pitch in a bit to help us get going. Super nice and completely unexpected, thank you! Hopefully, we can commercially expand these relationships, as we grow up a bit.

Lastly, Gary from the UK contacted us. How Gary found us, is still unknown, and here is the awesome bit, Gary is the Group Event Director for Hotel 360, the UK’s leading Hospitality exhibition for increasing hotel profitability. Their show this year is geared around the “Guest Experience” and he thinks F3TCH is perfect. Now I understand they want an exhibitor, but someone has found us in the UK and they see what we are doing as a value proposition. Let that sink in. All in all not bad for a little company with a big dream. We have penciled in the UK for September 18-19.   www.hotelbusinessinnovation.co.uk

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