F3TCH had a good week, and we keep building momentum. We have identified three potential routes to get some hotel chains on board and eight new opportunities for strategic partnerships! As we begin to engage with the business world in a more meaningful way, I cannot help but tell any founder of a startup to seek and to be thankful for any support you receive. Good manners are free. We have an incredible board and some wonderful people helping and all of that is appreciated and humbling. If you are an entrepreneur, keep a list of people who help you and remember them when you make it. Sadly, in my experience, there are too many shortsighted bosses. They don’t know who works for them, what they do or what their company needs until there are issues and then its seagull management. (What is seagull management? Executives who fly in, crap on everyone and everything, and then fly off with zero effect. Best technique? Ignore them and then do what needs to be done.) These ineffective leaders treat their business like a personal piggy bank, pulling as often as they can and going cheap on staff and tools (zero training is the norm). Nothing wrong with taking profit, unless your people are underpaid and your market share is dropping precipitously. Seems common sense right? Nope. We all know business is business, but I know that a little investment and a little care go a long way. Some advice for whatever it’s worth, the personal Bentley can wait and if you need to borrow as a company to buy it, you have not earned it. Poser. As Simon Sinek said in his book, Leaders Eat Last, which is a good rule to remember for anyone in charge of a team, group or company.

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