If you are older, like myself, summers used to be spent outside all day. Literally, we would tell our parents we would be back by dinner and take off on our bikes. If you are younger, say less than 30 years old, that may seem barbaric, and no video games (the horror), but it was AWESOME! On any given day we would play football, basketball, run, definitely swim a few times, play tennis ball tag off the Old Cutler bridge (15 feet high) in heavy traffic, and if we had enough people, maybe even play something like Ultimate Frisbee. All day. We would be brown by the end of summer, in my case browner, and we would have mastered the sideline catch and the sideline throw in football, both toes in. We would know every construction site within a 3-5 mile radius and go there on the weekends to make ramps so we could jump our bikes. And every once in a while, we would find something dead- maybe a snake, or a bird, sometimes a mammal like a possum (tricky to know). Inevitably, we would gather around the dead thing, declare how it died, and then, if not totally obvious it was run over by a large vehicle, we would grab a stick and poke it. Totally normal, nothing to see here folks.

That’s what we are doing now as a company. Testing the foreign civilization known as Silicon Valley for a sign of life or interest. We know we have a winner on our hands. The question is how to have this weird subculture see it. So we are poking the VC community. Hopefully, we will find signs of life, but maybe not, which means our research was faulty and we need to rethink, design and test again. Rinse and repeat, until it works.


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