No journey of this magnitude is possible without moral support from our families and friends (thank you!).  On a daily immediate basis, however, we have the furry brigade and a feisty beta. Winston (he’s the big yellow mutt) and Sam (the Min Pin) are here most days.  They are total idiots but cute.  They did like the name F3TCH but have proven useless in answering emails (poor typing skills) and are even worse on the phone.  So their day is now filled with sharing their toys and sleeping (I think they purposely tanked any work they were given and outsmarted us into doing all the work).  Sam, in particular, has a flair for how he sleeps. “Appy” is the beta.  He mostly stares at Jaime, glares at me.  So that’s our crew, but don’t mistake the presence of Winston and Sam as a lack of seriousness, we are dead set on what we do. This startup is hard, we get told “no” hundreds of times a year for any number of things.  It’s like being three again, you know “don’t touch that”, “what are you doing”, “stop messing up the industry”, etc. When you are on “no” #145, it is really nice to know someone has your back and little is more comforting than these guys. 

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