At times people ask me what I do. Often times, its neighbors or the parents of my son’s friends at school. Once upon a time, I could tell them that I was the Chief Operating Officer at a small telecommunications manufacturer. That was nice, tidy and fit into people’s “check” the box picture of the world.

Unfortunately, an unasked for job change left me searching for something cool to do. That was some time ago, and during that time, F3TCH was born. Why? I just happened to be traveling a few years ago and noticed that the phones I used to manufacture were still in the hotel room. How could that be? Why were the phones still there? Was there really nothing better? In today’s high tech world, the best we could do was yellowed plastic shell wrapped around some tiny circuits (some containing lead) chained to a wall? Crazy right?

Since there was nothing better, we came up with a design and started a company. Just like that. No Plan B, that’s for the weak. Which leaves us once again, outside the lines people are comfortable with, outside the white picket fence, the J.O.B., and the 2.3 kids.

So “what do I do”? I am building a company, it really sucks right now, things are so tight my cat squeaks when it walks, but I am not giving up and I am risking everything, not “maybe” everything- everything. I burned the boats when I landed and cannot go back, and it scares the crap out of me, and sometimes I cannot sleep at night worrying, but I believe in what I have invented and I believe in my co-founder. Oh and I love what I do, even if it means low-end jobs forever if it doesn’t work (would not be cool).

That felt good, now to work and like most mornings, regardless of how far we have come, or how much we still have to do, and regardless of planning, this is what most of my mornings look like, (for those of us who actually saw this back in the day it’s the C DOS prompt), because there is no guide, there are no instructions and if anything, the manual is like an Ikea manual from hell. We are entrepreneurs, for reals (squeaky cat included).