We made some great progress last week. Hopefully we will be able to make an announcement soon, but for now, we have been asked to keep it quiet. I know but the point here is not how we progressed, but that all that research and work in 2019 is beginning to deliver results. Running a startup is like running a science lab. Hypothesis, execute, review results, if not where you want to be, change hypothesis, test again, etc. Perhaps just as important is to know yourself. I know very Socrates, but it is true. What do I mean? We all have strengths and weaknesses and if you look closely they are often different sides of the same coin. For me, I like to follow up. Good right? Well, not so much sometimes. Once I feel things are in place, not having a result or a response drives me absolutely crazy. That usually leads to pretty intense activity that is not always received well. On this positive development I mentioned, I have had to clamp down on my instinct to relentlessly follow up and let the “process” run through its course. I have kept myself busy, worked on any number of work projects unrelated to the pending matter, took a walk or whatever except following up or pestering the other side. It’s been hard, but on the flip side, I have walked a few miles every day for the past few weeks- without my phone. LOL. As Jerry Seinfeld’s old coot of a father would say, “Serenity now!”.   All that has been part of our growth and the results indicate it may be the right approach. Now we wait again and see if we get where we want to go with this opportunity. At least its good walking weather most days.  Serenity Now!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auNAvO4NQnY