As we get through this COVID-19 situation, we see many proposed changes to talks of “transformational” changes to how we work.  My experience is that some things will change, likely with technology improvements, but overall the work experience will remain very much the same.

The reason is that while this virus has been new, and in specific cases very hard hitting, and proven to be highly contagious, the data thus far indicates that our worst fears may well have been overstated by many factors.  Currently, factors such as the risk of contracting the disease, the new much higher rate of overall exposed individuals (bigger denominator), the medical treatment that’s already showing great promise on various fronts, and the lessened mortality rate will likely settle in our shared subconscious as something to be conscious and concerned about, but a manageable risk.  Even if COVID recurs annually, it will be like the flu.  Deadly to some, curable for the vast majority.

If that’s the case, the idea that we will change drastically is incorrect.  We have already proven, as a whole, to be lazy and forgetful with major events. 9-11 is a good example.  Furthermore, human contact at a business is essential.  Trust is developed over time, working in teams requires personal meetings.  To outsource that to technology may seem easy but it would be a mistake.  Many may say, “we are doing great with this remote working” but that overlooks that in many, if not most instances, the remote workers have worked together in an office for some time.

Regardless it will be interesting to see what changes happen and what “sticks”.  Certainly a unique opportunity to see a massive and historic event up close and personal.  Stay safe.