The advent of COVID-19 has made the planet much more aware of the dangers of virus and pandemics. This awareness is probably great for companies like F3TCH, because we replace much older technology and solutions with no-touch technology.  We would prefer for there not to have been a global shut down or hundreds of thousands dead to make F3TCH more palatable, but it does.

Why?  For starters, no touch technology means you do not have to touch the guest room telephone.  In our case the guest uses their own smart device to connect to the hotel.  This will likely be a huge issue not just for guests returning to the hospitality industry, but for hotels too.  Removal of the guest room set not only make financial sense but is now a legal necessity.  Keeping a guest room telephone disinfected properly is time consuming and difficult to ensure from a chain’s perspective.

On a personal level, the cleanliness of your own smartphone is key to good health and there are a lot of innovative new designs centered around older, very realizable technology/ solutions.  Here are a few thoughts on that idea from Fast Company: