As I continue on my path to self development and personal growth, I have come to realize that our idea/ plan is not wrong, just new.  But not just new, new in a paradigm shifting way.  VCs are single minded and have corporate ADD in a bad way.  If the entrepreneur is doing something similar to other already successful models it gets a good look.  If it truly is new, you need some luck that someone, anyone, will see what you see and think it’s a sound risk.  So we have a niche tech play in a market that is very large, billions of travelers per year (at least pre-COVID), but largely untouched.  We provide better technology, better access to the guest, better cost and better ongoing costs, but no one on the planet does it the way we propose and few understand what we are doing.

You often read about folks who buck the trend, who hold onto their idea and eventually succeed.  I wonder how many of those actually succeed.?  The challenges when you are in this situation are tremendous.  We shall see if we are right or wrong with F3TCH shortly.  Our goal for year end is 1,200 hotels, our stretch goal is 2,500 hotels on-line before year end.