Space. As in “out there” as James T. Kirk liked to say. I know that I am not along in finding the subject is fascinating, from light sabers to aliens popping out of your rib cage. Who knows what’s out there and there seems to be an endless journey to be undertaken. If you ever see pictures from the Hubble Telescope, you get a feel for how enormous the universe really is, and let’s face it’s really hard to picture “billions and billions” of anything. Thankfully, the Hubble Telescope give us unbelievably beautiful images that give us a hint of the wonder that the universe really is.

Next week NASA does something uber cool, like NASA should. It’s trying to land a small spacecraft, the OSIRIS RE-x, onto an asteroid that is about the age of the universe to take samples, so that we can get a better idea of what things were like back then. Back when the universe was born.

First of all, super cool name. Second, really hard to do. The little spacecraft has been orbiting the asteroid for two years! Studying the landscape and after all that it is going to land next week. I am going to see if they are streaming that. Worth watching.

Great article in Wired. Reminds more of watching the recent Space-X launch and the retrieval of the booster that parachuted and landed on a ship. Again super cool and amazing we have the ability to not just think of it, but do something that complex. Of course, we humans balance that out everywhere with just really dumb things that we do. Just watch YouTube for a few minutes and we go from absolutely mind boggling smart to really dumb fast (but funny). Humans- so very complex and simple at the same time. For now, I’ll enjoy the incredible feat and wish Osiris, and all the NASA brain trust, good luck. That science could change our world, I hope that the research gets released relatively soon (hoping for less than five years).