F3TCH Gathering Traveler Feedback using SurveyMonkey

F3TCH is an innovative mobile app/ tool for travelers that allows the guest to connect to the hotel’s communications platform using their own smart phone.  Part of the Company’s research this year is to gather extensive guest and hotel feedback utilizing SurveyMonkay’s platform.  IF you are a traveler, please consider taking this brief survey. F3TCH Guest Survey

F3TCH’s Chinese Patent Application Published

F3TCH’s Chinese patent application was published on June 8, 2018. This adds to our EU patent application, both of which are considered filed under our US filing date. (We successfully received our patent in the United States with an original filing date of October 2015.) China will be an important market for F3TCH.

F3TCH- Hotel Portal

The F3TCH development is on schedule. We just completed the initial hotel portal where hotels can make changes to their properties. This short video shows the hotel portal and some of the data points that then generate the faceplate for the app. We look forward to completing the development and getting to beta testing soon.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The Minimum Viable Product / Demo for F3TCH is downloadable! We are fine-tuning some minor user functionality, but have achieved a real milestone with this step. We will upload a short video early next week showing the very first view of F3TCH from the USER perspective.