Fast, Simple, Intuitive Connectivity

It seems like there’s a smart app for everything these days, so why wouldn’t there be one designed to make the hotel experience more convenient and enjoyable? The F3TCH app can be used at any hotel that is partnered with us. Users download the app from the iTunes or Google Play store one-time only and reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Each time a guest checks into a F3TCH -partnered hotel, F3TCH registers the APP to the hotel communications platform. Once the registration process is completed by the hotel system, F3TCH becomes an extension of that property for the duration of your stay. F3TCH then pulls the correct faceplate and dialing codes for hotel’s amenities through a secure cloud database. It also ensures that guests are properly charged through the hotel’s Property Management System for hotel services like Room Service.

Once activated, guests will find it easy to navigate the app and its one-touch system for accessing guest amenities, ordering services, and connecting with others. Inbound calls to the hotel room will now also ring your APP. Users will also be able to access special local deals and promotions for the hotel and neighboring restaurants or attractions through F3TCH.

F3TCH takes the guest phone experience out of the room and places it directly in the user’s pocket, allowing state-of-the-art communications from anywhere on the property, anytime, and via any smart device. More flexibility, convenience and satisfaction.

Stay Plugged In from Anywhere on the Property

Stay connected to the hotel’s communications platform from anywhere on the property- all by employing the smart phone or device in your pocket.

A 24/7 Concierge at Your Fingertips

Hotel amenities, services, and hotel staff are only a click away. The F3TCH app has your needs covered around the clock.

Seamless User Experience

No special knowledge or training required — F3TCH automatically connects into your hotel’s existing infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about a thing.