Guest Phone In Your Pocket

F3TCH allows a guest to use their smart phone as they always have, but adds a layer of connectivity for the best hotel experience. Additionally, there are times when traveling overseas that cellular charges may be too expensive, in those cases local calls could be routed through F3TCH for example, without using your cellular service (WiFi).

So what happens when you are traveling overseas where cellular roaming, for inbound and outbound calls, can be outrageously expensive, or the office needs to reach you?

Instead of rushing back to the room or searching for a courtesy phone, guests can simply receive inbound calls through the hotel’s Wi-Fi network via his or her own smartphone or device. Room messages can be checked from a user’s personal device rather than from the guest room phone, local calls can be made with a single touch, and international calls can be made using your cellular network or, if overseas or roaming, using the hotels’ own platform without purchasing minutes or carrying a phone card.

In a nutshell, F3TCH takes the guest phone experience out of the room and places it directly in the user’s pocket, allowing state-of-the-art communications from anywhere on the property, anytime, and via any smart device. More flexibility, convenience and satisfaction.