Plugging in to your Property

Using F3TCH doesn’t require users to have a strong technical background or any special capabilities. Anyone with a smartphone or similar device can download the app with ease and start taking advantage of its features right away. Once a user is activated, the app connects the guest’s device to the hotel’s existing network, such as IP PBX or PMS for safe and secure transactions. Because the process is simple, users will be able to enjoy the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) without breaking a sweat.

There are no extra charges or fees associated with the F3TCH app. In fact, hotels can expect to save money. By transitioning away from traditional landlines in favor of BYOD, hotels will cut down on initial CAPEX investment and ongoing maintenance costs. There’s virtually no downside to working with F3TCH.

Increased Connectivity

F3TCH acts as your concierge on-the-go, and it’s ready to take care of all guest needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. F3TCH -partnered hotels can customize the app to display all of their guest offerings so that it’s easy for travelers to take advantage of the hotel’s many amenities including the concierge. Request house keeping, order room service, set up a massage in the hotel spa, reserve a tee-time, or schedule a wake-up call. F3TCH can even be used to advertise special hotel promotions so that guests can enjoy deals and savings on specific services while increasing hotel revenue.

Simply put, there’s no limit to what F3TCH can do for you. Start taking better advantage of what you already have by giving F3TCH a try today!